Bodywise Pilates has been developed from a solid advanced level of training with STOTT Pilates and is firmly rooted in the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. The original Pilates exercises were devised from a mixture of body building, gymnastics and yoga to produce an exercise regime which moves the body in a way it was designed to move, through a full range of motion in a controlled and pain free manner, creating stronger and leaner muscles without adding bulk. 

Pilates MAT - With Sally-Ann

The original exercises form the base of Bodywise Pilates Mat classes with the added benefit of some adaptations through the application of modern science and knowledge about the body.

Pilates Equipment Classes - With Sally-Ann

I like to work with Pilates both in its pure mat form and also using soft equipment such as the Stability Ball, Flex-band , Toning Balls , Fitness Circle & Softball. All of which are wonderful tools for challenging strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility.

Power Pilates - With Sally-Ann

Power Pilates is designed to further challenge our physical endurance and bring in an element of cardiovascular exercise by making the exercises a little more dynamic and flow more rapidly from one to another without rest.

Power Circuit Pilates Infusion - With Sally-Ann

A dynamic circuit class using weights and Pilates equipment which targets all the major muscle groups. The Pilates principles are applied to each exercise to ensure a full range of controlled movement with correct breathing technique and posture. A challenging and fun class.

Pilates Mostly Men - With Sally-Ann

Most men who exercise frequently are strong but have poor ‘functional strength’ due to lack of flexibility and reduced range of motion. The combination of strength, flexibility and improved range of motion which regular Pilates practice provides is essential for ‘functional fitness’ and an enhanced lifestyle and sporting performance. This class is designed with the male physique in mind.

Pilates Spine-Care & Flexibility - With Sally-Ann

Habitual poor posture can cause the spine and its surrounding muscles to become stiff or displaced and painful. Pilates Spine Care class will help to alleviate the spinal problems frequently caused by poor posture and flexibility by: strengthening the core muscles which help to support the lower back; improving flexibility; relieving tension from the neck and shoulders and helping to restore the natural curvature and mobility of the spine.

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