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Enjoy life to the full with a strong and flexible body

Sally Ann - Helping you take care of your body

Bodywise Pilates challenges strength, balance, co-ordination and flexibility and moves the body in a natural, efficient and pain free way. My classes are always varied, motivating and challenging whilst catering for mixed abilities. My teaching standards are of the highest quality and my class numbers limited so that I can guide each individual on how to achieve the most benefit from each exercise.

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Pilates is not just about excercise - it's a way of life

Pilates exercises move the body in a way it was designed to move, through a full range of motion in a controlled and pain free manner, creating stronger and leaner muscles without adding bulk. Bodywise Pilates focuses on core stability, breathing, posture, flexibility, stamina and mind-body control.

The goal of core stability is to maintain a solid foundation and transfer energy from the centre of the body out to the limbs. The biggest benefit of core training is to develop functional fitness - fitness that is essential to both daily living and regular activities.

Correct breathing helps to relax muscle tension, relieve stress, focus the mind, activate the core muscles and stabilize the lumbar spine.

A good posture is essential for a healthy functional lifestyle as postural imbalances if left unaddressed can lead to injuries.

Good flexibility allows the body to move with full range of motion. Pilates helps alleviate tight muscles and stiff joints and helps to prevent back pain.

Stamina is about strength and endurance. Bodywise Pilates exercises are designed to challenge the strength of your muscles using exercise repetition in a dynamic way.

Mind-body control helps to create better body awareness. Bodywise Pilates focuses on core control, co-ordination, alignment, breathing, flowing movements, concentration and stamina.